Now this old ballad was taken over by the people in various parts of the mountains and was readapted to local conditions.  For instance, Dogget’s Gap ismusic in Western North Carolina however songs like Cumberland Gap are evidently indebted.  This song follows the melody of the first tow line and there is no chorus.

“Chestnut tree full of chestnut sap

Snow knee deep in Dogget’s Gap.


“Sheepskin collar and coonskin cap,

I don’t mind the weather in Dogget’s Gap.


“I got a girl in Dogget’s Gap,

She don’t mind a sittin’ in sweetheart’s lap.


“The old man’s a-cussin’ but I don’t give a rap

The women wear the britches in Dogget’s Gap.


“It’s walnut bark and walnut sap

Colors all the stockings in Dogget’s Gap.


“Oh, they went to my buggy and the raised the flap

And they stole all my liquor in Dogget’s Gap.


“Run home, boys, and tell your pap,

I’m agonna start trouble in Dogget’s Gap.


“I shot about twice and I raised a little yell,

And they boys all ran like a bat out o’ hell.”


This video is quite amazing with Bascom Lamar Lunsford performing his song –