BB9319-001In general, signs are of two kinds – warning signs, the unnatural signs which indicate effects to follow, on the basis that coming events cast their shadows before them (omens, portents) and luck signs good or bad, which indicate observances (charms, cures, sometimes in the form of counter-charms to break another charm or avert a bad omen) or avoidances (taboos).  Warning may be a good sign or a bad sign or just a sign or mean something; charms and taboos are described in some such terms as hits good luck to do this or hit’s bad luck to do that; while a cure is good for or a sure cure for.  A person has a warning or know of a cure; he can feel a change in weather coming on, but animals know it; signs come true, work out, or work out true.  The reading of a weather sign may take the form of  looks like or something looks like…from the way; the report of a sign may begin, “I know you don’t believe much in signs,” or “I don’t believe in all signs, but”; the favorite expressions of faith and approval are “I’ve always heard that,” “I’ve heard it that way all my life,” “I’ve never knowed it to fail yet,” and of doubt and disapproval, “I never did pay no mind to,” “I never knowed it to happen out that way,” or “You can’t tell.”